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Ormus Dosage  

For Ormus minerals to work properly and quickly for you, taking in the correct Ormus dosage is very essential. There are obvious reminders like shaking the bottle well before use.  

The common preferred dosages for optimal functioning of Ormus minerals are as follows: 

· 300 lbs two teaspoons two times a day 

· 150 lbs teaspoon two times a day  

· 1.5 teaspoons 2x a day  


You have to take the recommended Ormus dosage two times a day by just adding it to juice or water. For the morning dose, you are required to take it on an empty tummy.  

You can also add the daily dosage onto a bottle of water and drink it all over the day.  

This may make about 16 oz bottle of water in a day. 

After the first few doses, the intuition will guide you in fine tuning the amount you should take and how frequently you have to take the Ormus minerals.  

You can hold the manna for a while under your tongue if you choose not to mix it with water. 

Ormus dosage may be different from the aforementioned for people with certain ailments.  

Such individuals are required to visit a specialist for the correct dosage depending on their ailments. 

Start with a teaspoon twice a day and work up to a tablespoon twice a day or stated another way take it till you can feel it. 


Everybody is different so can take a bit to figure out your dosage but this will give you some good guidelines. 



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